Why Stop SGC?

For more information and analysis of the masterplan* from the promoters, LVA, please go to the Selwood ‘Garden Community’ project website. The final outline planning application has not been submitted to Mendip District Council. It is expected spring/early summer 2021. All the analysis from the SGC project is based on the consultation documents from Autumn 2020 (beware of glossy presentations). It is believed to be unlikely that the final application will differ significantly from these consultation documents.

* It’s not really a masterplan. The promoters plan to deliver a road network for the development, break the site into smaller plots and sell them off to the highest bidding developers.

For more information on the SGC proposals please follow the links below

We have brought together the major reasons why we believe the SGC proposal to be completely unsuitable for Frome and the surrounding area, more information can be found here.

The shocking statistics that show the true scale of these proposals can be found here. They include the loss of 157 acres to construction and the removal of over 2 miles of hedgerows.

We have compiled an explainer to help you make sense of the different development proposals crammed into the Little Keyford area.

Please help the campaign by emailing the district councillors on the Planning Board using these facts.

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