Reasons to Stop SGC

There are a hundred and one reasons to stop SGC in its tracks. It will adversely affect our environment, our children, our businesses, our infrastructure and our wildlife.

If you are hoping to persuade others to join the fight then here are the 8 major reasons to Stop SGC:

  1. Selwood Garden Community (SGC) will put great pressure on the already overwhelmed infrastructure of Frome and the surrounding area.
  2. LVA’s proposal far exceeds the number of houses that Frome needs or the Council is required to provide to meet the quota set by the government.
  3. Combined with other developments in the Little Keyford area, it could mean 1,700 houses and 7,500 more residents that Frome cannot handle.
  4. Few of the houses will ever be ‘affordable’ and there are no plans for the social rented homes that Frome really needs.
  5. The site will become a dormitory village for commuters to Bath or Bristol who will spend little time in the town centre and be forced to drive to the ‘local’ shops.
  6. LVA’s plan does not include extra medical facilities or school places required to support a development on this scale.
  7. It will lead to more local traffic, clog Frome’s roads and increase air pollution along roads into town and past primary schools.
  8. As soon as building starts, SGC will result in the destruction of an area of natural habitats and farmland that is double the size of Bruton.

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