Press Releases

Below you can find details of all our press releases to date.

PRESS RELEASE – 25th July 2021

Garden Villages, are they all that they seem?

A West Country Bylines article on Garden Communities in general, and the greenwashing inherent in their proposals.

(NB – SGC is not a Garden Village.)

PRESS RELEASE – 20th July 2021

Campaigners urge caution

Our response to LVA’s press release, courtesy of the Frome Times

PRESS RELEASE – 22nd June 2021

A plea to District Council

A write up of our appeal to MDC planning board.

PRESS RELEASE – 25th April 2021

Putting SGC on the map

Stop SGC and its supporters held a socially distanced protest on Saturday 24th April to
show Frome residents the sheer size and scale of this proposed mega site.

PRESS RELEASE – 28th March 2021

Is Frome about to become the least sustainable place in Somerset?

Stop SGC asks Frome residents to consider the devastating impact after learning of imminent plans to submit new proposals for the Selwood ‘Garden’ Community (SGC)

Press Release images showing the impact of SGC on the town of Frome.

Notes to Editors

Stop SGC is a community-led organisation concerned that profit-motivated land financiers could shape the future of Frome without ever being asked to.

The fields of Little Keyford are full of wildlife with many important veteran trees and ancient hedgerows that must be preserved. Once lost they will be gone forever. SGC will be built at the expense of the local community and would change Frome forever.


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