Mendip District Council email campaign

NOW is the time to double down.

For months we have been asking you to continuously let the councillors on the Mendip Planning Board know of your objection to the SGC proposals, and you have come through! The emails we are copied into are all brilliantly heartening.

It is still true that – the more they hear from us, the more they will understand the level of resistance there is to the destructive SGC proposal. So please, carry on doing what you’re doing, and encouraging friends, families, neighbours, acquaintances, visiting tradespeople, particularly intelligent pets etc. to do the same.

In addition to this, LVA’s planning application has recently landed. It is not yet ‘official’ since it has not been validated by Mendip District Council and does not subsequently appear on their website. All it really is at this point is a press release.

But it means that the proposal will be with us very soon, as in – in the next few days. So we have to be ready. As soon as it is up we will need to respond promptly with a deluge of objections, we will be releasing guidance on how to do this – including a template very soon.

In the meantime, don’t let up. Remember your email does not need to be lengthy or widely referenced but just needs to show them your opposition to the proposal. And don’t forget the image below, to show them the shocking scale of the proposal and its impact on Frome (download the image using the button below).

Please email the councillors following the links below and let them know what you think. This is a numbers game, we need to fill their inboxes with our opposition. You can find an example email here.

A non-exhaustive list of key points to include in your email are here. Remember you do not need to use all of them, or any of them, simply a personal point of objection is more than enough at this point.

You can email all the Planning Board (including those councillors on the substitute list) on If you would like to share your correspondence with us please copy in A full list of the councillors who sit on the Planning Board and the substitute members can be found below.

It is always good idea to copy in your ward councillor when you send your email.

Planning Board District Councillors

Planning Board substitutes 

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