Mendip District Council email campaign

We need YOU

…to let the councillors on the Mendip Planning Board know of your objection to the SGC proposals. They are your representatives and they will decide if this monstrous scheme is built. A planning application is imminent but you should still write to them before it arrives.

Please email them weekly and ask your friends and family to do the same – the more they hear from us, the more they will understand the level of resistance there is to the destructive SGC proposal.

Your email does not need to be lengthy or widely referenced but just needs to show them your opposition to the proposal. It would have a far greater impact if you included the image below to show them the shocking scale of the proposal and its impact on Frome (download the image using the button below).

Please email the councillors following the links below and let them know what you think. It’s likely the councillors will respond with a holding email indicating that objections can only be registered once the planning application has been submitted. Don’t be discouraged, in order to respond they are reading these emails and seeing the image. Please keep emailing them regularly. It is a numbers game, we need to fill their inboxes with our opposition. You can find an example email here.

The SGC proposal is on the edge of Frome and located in the ward of Selwood and Beckington. The district councillor for the ward is Shannon Brookes (Conservative) and her email address is She will have 3 minutes to speak at the Planning Board and it is important we convince her to speak up on our behalf to Stop SGC. She is potentially a strong ally and has won against predatory housing developments in the past. It is a good idea to focus on issues such as local ecology, potential traffic chaos, and infrastructure rather than “bashing” LVA as Councillor Brookes is more likely to be swayed by concern for her district.

You can email all the Planning Board as well as Shannon Brookes (including those councillors on the substitute list) using this link. If you would like to share your correspondence with us please copy in A full list of the councillors who sit on the Planning Board and the substitute members can be found below.

Planning Board District Councillors

Planning Board substitutes 

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