Contact the Planning Board

There’s a new crop of councillors overseeing our town. Many of them have never been to Frome and know nothing about the area. They haven’t heard us on the issue of overdevelopment. It’s time to change that.

What we are asking you to do is send a short email to the councillors on the new planning committee* with three or four points against SGC. You can take inspiration from our documents as with previous campaigns, but please do put your email in your own words, so that it is not flagged as a duplicate.

Our guidance documents can be found here;

It’s too big

It’s not in the local plan

It will not benefit the people of Frome

The “Master-Plan” is not viable

It will damage the environment

It will negatively impact Frome’s infrastructure

These are the addresses, you can copy and paste them into the recipient box, make sure each address is separated with a comma.

*It’s not altogether clear who will sit on the planning committee as yet, although we know that only four members of the prior Mendip Planning Board will be staying on.

Remember to BCC on your email so we can track numbers!

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