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The beast is back! Even if you have objected before, we would urge you to comment once again with renewed concerns about this proposal. While the developers have addressed specific concerns raised by Highways England the bulk of the ‘masterplan’ remains the same.

There are two ways of raising an objection to the outline planning application. You can either email your objection to (please include the planning reference, 2021/1675/EOUT) or follow our step by step guide to making an official objection through the Mendip District Council’s planning website below.

A useful series of documents have been compiled to help you compose your objection to this application.

Step by step guide

Step 1

Click this link it will take you directly to the application summary page.

Click the tab that says Comments then Make a Comment.

You must be logged in to make a comment (it will not allow you to click Make a Comment unless you are logged in). If you have an account with Mendip District Council already then click Login and Make Comment.

If not hit the register button and the website will take you through making a new account. It does not take long.

Step 2

Fill in the Comment form with your details. You will need to put in your address but it will not be made public.

You can ignore the “Reason for Comment” checkbox, it is not a required field.

Step 3

For the 4000 character text box;

Pick a headline objection from the following buttons. When you click on it, it will take you to a page filled with bullet point suggestions for what to say against SGC. Please try and put them in your own words as much as possible so that there aren’t hundreds of identical objections put in which may be rejected as suspected spam. A lot of the points are in the form of questions and can be used as prompts.

Step 4

Email to let us know when you have made your objection!

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