Email Templates

Below is a real email sent to Mendip District Council Planning Board that received a positive response. Remember not to copy word for word, but you may use this as a reference to form your own letter.

To whom it may concern,

I am writing to raise my objection to the proposed development of Selwood Garden Community at Little Keyford in Frome.  The name suggests a peaceful and harmonious project but this is actually a land grab on a frightening scale that will do nothing to improve the standard of living for the current or future residents of Frome.  I have no objection to the creation of affordable housing in this area and would welcome plans for a fully considered development that worked in accordance with traffic, schools and all the social needs required for the additional dwellers.  As it stands the SGC development offers none of the necessary infastructure that communities require to be a success. We are living in a time of great divide between the rich and the poor.  This project reflects only greed for those few who stand to profit.

I appeal to your sense of community and indeed common sense to stop this unnecessary and destructive development before it is too late.


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