Profit-hungry land financiers, LVA, have put forward plans that will destroy Frome’s natural habitats and hundreds of acres of productive farmland. Their proposal? Cover these green fields with hundreds upon hundreds of executive homes that Frome does not need and cannot support.

The proposed development – Selwood Garden Community (SGC) – is designed to look good on paper. In reality, it will offer little to the community or environment, despite its name.

SGC will be a patchwork of different housing estates (find out more about it here). Each one sold off to the highest bidder. LVA will have no control over what is built here. This is very important to remember, if you are taken in by their newest glossy planning application, remember; they are not obligated to manifest any of it.

They just want to parcel up the land so they can sell it on for a tidy profit. The people (and wildlife) of Frome will be paying the price for decades to come.

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The more people who object to LVA’s proposal, the more chance we have of safeguarding our fields for future generations.

The final outline planning application has landed suddenly this week! *not ‘official’ as it has yet to appear on Mendip District Council’s website

Read what they have to say here.

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